Investors, Venture Professionals and the Cooperative Venturing Network™

The Cooperative Venturing Network is aimed at identifying high potential companies and introducing them to venture capitalists, angel investors and independent investors who are interested in investing in high quality deals while coaching the companies along the way.

Investors Deal Flow

Each company goes through a selection process in order to identify teams with high potential. Once these companies have been identified, the investors participate on an advisory board. The board is tasked with systematically evaluating and mentoring the company based on a method established by the Wayne Brown Institute.

Company Selection Process:

Wayne Brown Institute is a non-profit organization. Because of this, their selection process is not biased by membership organizations, government organizations, or academic institutions. This ensures the selection process chooses the best possible companies based solely on the merit of their business model and not external pressures.

Each company will submit an expanded executive summary, which must meet the following criteria:

  • $20 million in yearly sales
  • Have ambitious expansion plans
  • Seasoned management team
  • Expected $40-50 million annual sales in 3-7 years

Alumni Companies Include:

Advanced MD Logo Hoku Logo Sonic Innovations Logo Altiris Logo Myriad Logo Omniture Logo Emageon Logo

Advisory Board:

As a member of the network, you will be part of an advisory board. This board uses a unique and effective method for evaluating and coaching emerging companies. Once the companies are selected, they get critiqued by their advisory board. This will create the foundation for beginning the mentoring process.

Mentoring Process:

Investor Ready Seal

Once the advisory board has given their critique of the company, the mentoring process begins. The goal of this process is to challenge the company to discover vulnerabilities in the framework of their business model. After the weaknesses are identified they can begin to address the issues and ultimately make their value proposition more interesting to investors. The mentoring process will generate:

  • 10 minute presentation aimed at interested investors
  • A strong network in key areas for the emerging company including:
    • Intellectual property
    • Accounting
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing, Sales
    • Corporate Law
    • Venture Capital
    • Many Others

Investor Benefits and Responsibilities:


  • A position on a local mentoring team
  • Networking with emerging companies and high potential venture firms
  • Free attendance to a conference of your choice
  • Reduced rate to all conferences
  • Listed in the network directory for all events
  • Receive material from all events
  • Access to all submitting companies materials and fact sheets
  • Submit content to Venturecapital.Org


  • Approximate 10 hour time donation to mentor companies
  • Attend and/or host annual seminars
  • Time donation to advise prospective companies proposals
  • Distribute Cooperative Venturing promotional materials
  • $2,500 annual Cooperative Venturing Network membership fee.

CVN members work within their own client base or personal network to identify companies that could raise capital through the Cooperative Venturing process. Information about high potential companies is provided to WBI to be used in the solicitation process

Expanded Executive Summary Summary Review $195

Have your executive summary reviewed by seasoned venture capital investors.

Full Business plan review with consultation $495

Have your executive summary reviewed by seasoned venture capital investors.

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