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What is RSS?

RSS, or "Really Simple Syndication," allows you to read the latest headlines from VentureCapital.Org, the Wayne Brown Institute and the Cooperative Venturing Network without actually having to visit each site. The RSS feeds on this page contain headlines and a short description of each article. When you want to read more, a simple click will bring you to the full story here at VentureCapital.Org.

Do I need any special tools to use RSS?

To use RSS feeds, you'll need a tool called an aggregator, or news reader, to display the content of the feeds you've selected. Most aggregators are desktop software that you download and install on your computer, but Web-based news readers are available as well.

Why should I use RSS?

RSS feeds allow you to scan the content of your favorite Web sites quickly, easily and efficiently. Using your news reader, you can organize feeds from a variety of sources — newspapers, magazines, blogs, even online auctions — into one location. It's like building your own constantly updated newspaper, featuring only the news that interests you. Best of all, it's private. Unlike e-mail newsletters, you don't give out your e-mail address when you subscribe to an RSS feed, and you'll only receive headlines from the sources you've requested. No spam!

How much does it cost?

Anyone may access The RSS feeds free of charge.

How do I subscribe to the feeds?

How you add new feeds depends on the particular aggregator you're using, but the process is usually very simple. First, look for the RSS feed icon icon next to the name of the feed. Then do one of the following:

• If your news reader supports "drag-and-drop," simply drag the icon to the news reader to subscribe.

• Some aggregators will automatically subscribe you to the feed when you click on the icon. (Users of My Yahoo! can do this by clicking on the Add to My Yahoo! icon instead.)

• Finally, if your news reader requires you to enter a feed manually, just right-click (Mac users control-click) on the RSS feed icon icon. Depending on your browser, select "copy shortcut" or "copy link location" and then paste this address into your news reader.

How can I find additional feeds?

When you visit your favorite Web sites, just look for the RSS feed icon icon (or the letters "RSS" or "XML") and follow the links to view the available feeds. Several online directories are also available to help you find RSS feeds that interest you, such as Syndic8 and Feedster. You can subscribe to as many feeds as you choose.

Finding an RSS news reader

Selecting an aggregator for the first time can be intimidating, since the number of available readers and interfaces is staggering. Finding the one that's right for you often comes down to your individual preferences and the way you use your computer. Lists of RSS news readers can be found by doing a search for "RSS news readers" at Yahoo!, Google and MSN.

Available Feeds

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