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The business plan is often the first introduction to a potential investor. Business plans are brief and organized to "sell" the opportunity. It should raise questions that the investor wants you to answer face-to-face.

The plan shows how you think, your experience and it indicates who you know and what they think of you (the person who introduced you to the investor). However, until it's read it's just paper and ink.

Second, the plan puts you in the driver's seat. You describe how you're going to build a successful company and outline the measurable benchmarks. However, if you can't do what you outline in your business plan, be prepared to step aside or shut down.

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Third, the business plan acts as a pact between you and the investor – it’s a blueprint for your company.

Fourth, the research for your business plan is the basis for your Due Diligence Preparation.

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Business Planning Guidelines/Submission Guidelines

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Your business plan should not be your first introduction to your prospective investors. However, it often is! Don't make the wrong first impression, get your plan reviewed today!

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